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Mountville Baseball - Conduct Policies

MYAA Parent's Code of Ethics

I, the parent/guardian of the registered player (a minor), agree that I and the registered player will abide by the rules of MYAA and any affiliated organizations, sponsors, and leagues.

I WILL encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, officials and fans at every game, practice, or other MYAA events. I WILL foster an atmosphere of support and encouragement of the children as they participate in athletics, regardless of the outcome. I WILL partner with the coaches in promoting a spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship. I WILL show respect to opposing teams and officials. I WILL remember that each athletic contest is governed by rules and no victory is worth sacrificing the integrity of the game. I WILL always be mindful that the well-being and interests of the children are paramount. I WILL NOT approach a coach before, during, or right after a game with any negative comments; I will wait until at least the next day and speak with the coach before/after the next practice in a respectful manner. I WILL be responsible for the conduct of any guests I may bring to any sporting events. I WILL place the emotional well-being of my child ahead of any personal desire to win. I WILL demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials, and fans with respect regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability. I WILL remember that the game is for the children and not the adults. I WILL do my very best to make sports fun for my child. I WILL demand a drug and alcohol free environment. I WILL follow all league, coach, park, and MYAA rules/regulations. I WILL NOT approach the players during a practice/game to provide my personal coaching tips, I AGREE that the team coach is in control of directing all aspects of the team during practices/games and I AGREE that the coach has a strategy in place to lead/develop the team (and that I am not fully aware of all the details of their strategy). I AGREE to refrain from yelling specific instructions to players during a practice/game to ensure that the players can properly hear and follow the coach's instructions. I AGREE to work the concession stand at various times in order to help defray the costs of the sports program. MYAA reserves the right to ask any unruly parent/fan to leave said event. Failure to do so could result in you and your child being removed from MYAA present and/or future programs. By agreeing to the Parent's Code of Conduct; all parents, players, and coaches agree to abide by the MYAA guidelines for conduct listed above.

MYAA Player Dedication, Participation, and Rules

By completing the MYAA spring season registration form, I am committing my player to participate in all scheduled practices/games for MYAA from Monday through Friday. Weekend participation in outside Club Baseball Tournament Teams is voluntary to the player, HOWEVER it should NOT conflict with the player's commitment to an MYAA team during weekdays. Should a player choose to participate in an outside club/tournament team and miss weekday games or practices as a result, the player's game playing time may be affected as determined by the MYAA Head Coach.

By completing the MYAA fall season registration form, I am committing my player to participate in all scheduled practices/games for MYAA any day of the week. Participation in outside Club Baseball Tournament Team is discouraged during the fall season, as there will be multiple conflicts due to MYAA fall season games primarily being on weekends.

Game playing time will be dictated by the team Head Coach based on skills that players demonstrate during practice.

Any player that is disruptive to the team and/or disrespectful to coaches may be removed from present and/or future MYAA programs. Any player that is verbally and/or physically aggressive towards players/coaches may be removed from present and/or future MYAA programs.

MYAA Concessions Duties

I/We understand that concessions duties are part of MYAA and I/We will be available to participate in concession duties in accordance with my player's team game and the needs of MYAA. I/We also understand that concessions duties will be required at ALL MYAA special events, MYAA playoffs, MYAA tournaments, and community events that MYAA participates in. ALL families are required to staff concessions and no person under the age of 16 will be allowed in the concession stand area. I/We fully understand that ALL MYAA families are required to support and staff our concession stands.

MYAA Participation Waiver

I, the parent/guardian of the registered player(s) (a minor), recognize that by the very nature of the activities the registered player will undertake in the sport it carries a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participant and coach are, risk cannot be eliminated. I certify that the registered player(s) has no condition which prohibits participation in the activities of the sport. In consideration for MYAA accepting the registered player(s) for its programs and activities, I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify MYAA, any affiliated organizations, sponsors, leagues, Board of Directors, coordinators, coaches, and associated personnel (including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for the programs and activities) against any claim by or on behalf of the registered player(s) as a result of registered player's participation in the programs and/or being transported to and/or from the program (which transportation I herby authorize). I understand and agree that MYAA will not provide medical or health insurance for the registered player(s) and that I have secured such coverage for the registered player.

I/We give permission for the registered player(s) to participate in the MYAA baseball program and request the registered player(s) participate in the organized sports program of the MYAA; and in consideration of such participation and intending to be legally bound, hereby, said parent and/or guardian of player(s) acknowledges that player(s) will participate in MYAA and all games and practices incident thereto and be using said facilities at his/her own risk and said parent and/or guardian of player(s) on his own behalf hereby releases, discharges, holds harmless and indemnifies the MYAA and it's successors, assigns, coaches, and officers from all liability for injury to the person or property of the minor child, his heirs or assigns. This release and indemnification shall be binding upon parent and/or guardian, his spouse, heirs, and legal representatives.

MYAA Registration Refunds

All registration fees are non-refundable. I fully understand that all funds paid are NOT eligible to be refunded for any/all reason once the registration process is completed. Players registering for 10u and returned to the IB program, or for IB and returning to the Tball program, will be returned the difference in the cost of the registration fees.

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